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Co-create climate for life

This year, Viessmann will be introducing numerous new products to the market that are particularly attractive for trade professionals and users. The most important innovations at a glance.

Allendorf (Eder)  – “Co-create climate for life” is Viessmann’s trade fair motto this year. As a solution provider for the entire living space, this family business has the right products, platforms, digital and other services to tackle global warming, together with its specialist partners. This year, Viessmann will introduce numerous innovations to market whose development is in no small way attributable to its partners. Based on surveys, joint workshops, discussions and many interviews, experts have developed innovative solutions that are particularly attractive to specialist installers/craftsmen and users.

The most important new products in 2021 at a glance

  • New products developed together with specialist partners
  • New electronics platform networks energy systems with digital services
  • CO2-neutral heat and power generation with green hydrogen
  • New heat pump generation with high flow temperature is ideal for modernization
  • Vitoguide: New all-in-one tool for commissioning, remote maintenance and service

Products and systems

The foundation of Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering is its comprehensive program for heating, power, cooling systems and ventilation. In this area, Viessmann offers products and systems for achieving ideal room conditions, while integrating the appropriate fuel sources for private, commercial and industrial environments. The most important innovations this year are:

New electronics platform networks appliances and digital services into a single system

The new electronics platform networks Viessmann energy systems – such as heat pumps, ventilation systems and electricity storage systems – with digital services to form a uniform overall system. Beyond controlling the devices, it offers simple and fast access via the  ViCare  app and the new  Vitoguide, which now combines commissioning, remote maintenance and service in one digital service tool.

Specialist partners save time with menu-guided commissioning. At the same time, the system parameters are synchronized. This means that any fine tuning to the system that is subsequently required, as well as the adjustment of parameters, is possible online at any time. User-specific information and error codes are available to detect malfunctions at an early stage; these are consistent for all systems thanks to the new electronic platform. This includes the current operating status and the indication of upcoming maintenance.

CO2-neutral heat and power generation with green hydrogen

No transition to sustainable thermal energy without hydrogen.  As an innovation leader in the industry, Viessmann already has a broad portfolio of efficient H2-ready energy systems and solutions. The gas condensing boilers in the Vitodens 300 and 200 series are now certified to operate with up to 20 percent hydrogen in natural gas and can even convert a 30 percent admixture into heat easily and efficiently. The next generation of Vitovalor fuel cell heating devices, the new compact Vitobloc 300 NG15 and NG 20 CHP modules and, from mid-2021, the Vitocrossal 200 gas condensing boiler, type CIB, can also be operated with a proportion of up to 20 percent hydrogen. When using industrial boilers, the focus is also on operation with a climate-friendly fuel source. The Vitomax hot water and steam boilers can thus also be operated with pure hydrogen, which is sometimes produced during chemical processes and otherwise often released into the environment without being used.

New generation of heat pumps: Compact, highly efficient and ideal for modernization projects

The new Vitocal 250-A, 250-AH and 252-A have been developed specifically for modernization. The heat pumps in monobloc design (complete refrigerant cycle in the external unit) are operated with the climate-friendly refrigerant R290 and achieve flow temperatures of up to 70°C. Floor heating is not required and the existing radiators can continue to be used. Thanks to their innovative and intrinsically safe hydraulics, they can be adapted to all conditions in modernization.

The first choice for energy-efficient new builds is the new split-design heat pumps Vitocal 200-S, 222-S and 250-SH. Their refrigerant R32 has a GWP (global warming potential) value that is two thirds lower than the refrigerant R410A still widely used in conventional heat pumps.

Battling the Coronavirus: New ventilation systems for single-family homes, apartments, schools and medical practices

Fresh, clean and, above all, germ-free ambient air is more important today than ever before. With innovative air purification and ventilation systems, Viessmann creates and preserves living spaces for future generations. The  Vitovent 200-P  was developed primarily for use in  schools, seminar rooms and nurseries. The hybrid ventilation solution brings fresh outside air into classrooms, simultaneously purifying the ambient air of aerosols and fine dust and reducing CO2  pollution.

With its low overall height of just 245 millimeters and a maximum air flow volume of 300 m³/h, the new Vitoair FS home ventilation system is particularly compact. The polymer membrane of the recuperative enthalpy heat exchanger recovers heat and humidity. It also prevents the transmission of viruses, mold and bacteria. The device is compatible with the new electronics platform and can be seamlessly combined with a Vitocal heat pump.

“Future Fuels Ready”: New condensing boiler for liquid fuels

In addition to low-sulfur EL fuel oil, the new Vitoladens 300-C condensing boiler can also be operated with greenhouse gas-reduced fluid fuels. These include HVO (vegetable fuel oil), PtL (power-to-liquids) and higher proportions of FAME (fatty acid methyl ester). This results in a saving of up to 5.8 tons of CO2  with fuel oil consumption of 2000 liters. This means that the Vitoladens 300-C is sustainable and can make an important contribution to climate protection.

New CHP units particularly compact and quiet

Vitobloc 300 NG 15 and Vitobloc 300 NG 20 are compact, fully wired units with a water-cooled synchronous generator for producing three-phase power and heating water. With their low operating noise of less than 49 dB(A) and small footprint, they are suitable for new build and modernization. Maintenance is only required every 8,000 operating hours. The new CHP units can be operated without problems with admixtures of up to 20 percent hydrogen in the natural gas. This secures the investment in these units for the future.

New industrial boilers: 100 percent electric, hybrid or with hydrogen

The Vitomax boilers are available for all-electric operation or as a hybrid version combining forced-air burners and electric cartridge heaters. This reduces CO2  emissions – in all-electric operation, all the way to zero. Variants for alternative fuels such as hydrogen or for the use of waste heat are also available.

Connectivity and platforms

Connectivity, the linking of devices to each other and to the internet, is a key element of Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering. With  Vitoconnect, existing systems dating back as far as 2004 can be directly linked with the new product generation through “Connectivity Inside.” This means that every Viessmann system is upgradeable. New additions this year include, in particular:

Energy Management for the efficient operation of all components

Conserve resources and save costs – the new Viessmann Energy Management optimizes the operation of all electrical and thermodynamic-electrical energy systems in the home. Optionally integrated in the new electronics platform, it can be made available to the user as an additional function via the  ViCare  app.

Viessmann Energy Management displays all energy flows in the building in real time on a smartphone or tablet. This includes, for example, the values of self-generated electricity from the photovoltaic system, as well as self-consumed electricity – for example, for the operation of the heat pump. In particular, Energy Management provides these functions for the  Vitocharge VX3  electricity storage system, the heat pumps of the new Vitocal 25x-A series and the heat pumps in existing buildings up to 2016.

Digital services

The digital services expand the functions of Viessmann products and systems and offer a wide range of services for partners and end customers. Homeowners can use the ViCare app to operate the heating system and control the climate in individual rooms with ViCare components. Specialist partners are supported, in particular, by the new Vitoguide for commissioning and maintenance over the entire life cycle of a system:

Vitoguide: New all-in-one tool for commissioning, remote maintenance and service

The new  Vitoguide  was developed in close cooperation with trade partners and is now an all-in-one tool: The ViStart app for device commissioning and the Service Assistant for service, maintenance and replacement parts have been integrated. The new functions include the guided commissioning of appliances with a new electronics platform, predictive maintenance with visualization and permanent inspection of system behavior (error list, history), configuration and optimization of additional parameters (e.g. system pressure) conveniently from a distance or directly on site, predictive fault detection and system-supported online inspection (reduces maintenance to every second year), guided electronics spare parts exchange and on-site system access even without an internet connection. Vitoguide will also be available for iOS and Android devices in the future.

Familiar and new functions in Vitoguide are now offered in three levels: BASIC, PLUS and PRO. Vitoguide BASIC is available to trade partners free of charge, Vitoguide PLUS and PRO are fee-based offers.


They make day-to-day work easier, ensure maximum safety, save money and round off the Viessmann Integrated Solution Offering: the numerous services for trade partners and homeowners. These value-added services are designed to meet the individual wishes of customers and partners and to offer additional services to suit their needs. New features include:

Service Plus: Support for professional system supervision

With Service Plus, Viessmann offers its specialist partners effective support for the professional and efficient care of the heating systems they install. With self-service, the specialist partner with its own service department benefits from numerous apps for quick commissioning and maintenance. Specialist partners without their own service department can still offer their customers a worry-free package – with full-service support from Viessmann Customer Service.

peccon: Company pension scheme at special conditions

peccon  is a digital broker in the financial services sector which offers specialist partners, customers and even employees individually tailored insurance solutions at special conditions. The wholly owned subsidiary of Viessmann has developed the company pension scheme especially for employees, as well as for specialist partners.

Experience product worlds at www.viessmann.live

Particularly in times of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to strengthen the tried-and-tested cooperation between specialist partners and Viessmann even more so, and to move closer together virtually. The company wants to achieve this, in particular, with its digital offering –  www.viessmann.live  – during and after ISH 2021. All the innovations of the Integrated Solutions Offering will be comprehensively presented there. From March 22 to 27, 2021, the program will also include exclusive product experiences, multimedia workshops and virtual live events. Experts will demonstrate the new products and services to visitors in a live stream – Viessmann innovations in a new multimedia form.

About Viessmann

Viessmann is the leading provider of climate solutions for all living spaces. The ‘Integrated Viessmann Solutions Offering’ enables users to connect products and systems seamlessly via digital platforms and services for climate (heating, cooling, air quality) and refrigeration solutions. All solutions are based on renewable energy and maximum efficiency. All activities of the family company, founded in 1917, are based on its purpose. “We create living spaces for generations to come” – that is the responsibility of the global Viessmann family with 12,300 members.

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