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Vitomax HS

High pressure steam boiler

High pressure steam boilers in the output range from 0.5 to 31.5 t/h.

Output range: 0.5 to 31.5 t/h
High efficiency over 95.5 %
H2 ready 100 %
Wide range of fuel options

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High pressure steam boiler

Output range: 0.5 to 31.5 t/h

High efficiency

With over 95.5 %

H2 ready

Operation with up to 100 % hydrogen

Wide range of fuel options

Such as hydrogen, natural gas, fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, biogases, bio-oils and many more

Precisely sized steam chamber

With low load (no water entrainment)

Pressure levels

0.5 to 30 bar

Integral steam drier

For high steam quality

Corner stays arranged in pairs

Reduces stress in the boiler

Optimum flame tube geometries

For clean combustion

Longest possible inspection intervals and easy servicing

Due to sufficient inspection and access ports

For use in the manufacturing industry

Can be used in a wide range of industries

Vitomax  HS –– ideal for industrial use

The Vitomax  HS  steam boiler complies with category  IV of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, with a permissible operating pressure of 6 to 30  bar. It is used in manufacturing industries such as food processing, fertiliser production, construction materials, paper, beverages, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and refineries, where steam is used as a process, propulsive or reaction medium.

Hydrogen up to 100  percent

In chemical operations such as the manufacture of chlorine and other  industrial processes, most of the hydrogen gas  is not used and is released into the atmosphere. Vitomax  boilers, which can run on 100  percent hydrogen with an appropriate burner, offer a cost effective and efficient solution. At the same time a large amount of climate-damaging CO2 emissions is avoided.

Product features

Vitomax  HS high pressure steam boilers  meet all the statutory requirements for clean combustion. The efficiency of these boilers with economiser is over 95.5  percent, even at 100  percent load.

Irrespective of the fuel used, the Vitomax  HS delivers an output of up to 31.5  tonnes of steam per hour. It is specifically designed for manufacturing industries, where steam is required continuously. Thanks to its large evaporator with integral steam drier, high steam quality with low residual moisture is a key feature. The Vitomax  HS can be operated very flexibly with light or heavy fuel oil, bio-oil or even (bio) natural gas.

No concrete is used for the optional innovative burner entry point in Vitomax  boilers. This means it is water-cooled, and wear and maintenance-free, eliminating the need for replacement during the service life of the boiler. The water cooling guarantees a constant temperature at the burner head –– the otherwise usual reflection from a refractory lining (which causes thermal NOx to form) does not occur.

The burner entry point and the rear flue gas reversing chamber of the Vitomax  HS are water-cooled. Therefore the energy in the flue gases is used exclusively for steam generation.

All Vitomax  HS high pressure steam boilers are suitable for the combustion of up to 100  % hydrogen, subject to compliance with our conditions for the use of H2.

The spacing between the individual smoke tubes, as well as from the smoke tubes to the boiler casing and to the flame tube, comply with statutory requirements. The shearing force on the end face floors caused by different linear expansion in the smoke tubes and the flame tube is therefore extremely low. This design guarantees a long service life for the Vitomax  HS.

To make it particularly easy to service and maintain, just like all other Vitomax  boilers, the Vitomax  HS is equipped with sufficient inspection and access ports for carrying out important checks inside the boiler. As a result, Vitomax  high pressure steam boilers achieve the longest possible inspection intervals. Easy to open boiler doors and a cleaning door at the end of the boiler also ensure that maintenance is simple and contribute to low running costs.

  • Hydrogen up to 100  %: comparable NOx values as in fuel oil/natural gas
  • Fuel oil (EL), NOx emissions (< 150  mg/m3 flue gas possible)
  • Heavy fuel oil, Mazut 100
  • Natural gas, NOx emissions (< 70  mg/m3 flue gas possible)
  • And many others, e.g. biogases/bio-oils or animal fats
  • Food processing industry
  • Fertiliser industry
  • Building material industry
  • Paper industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Hospitals
  • Refineries

Product cross-section*

The product cross-section is only an example of what the Vitomax  HS high pressure steam boiler may look like. Deviations are possible depending on the individual order.

Modularity –– equipment level variations

  1. Burner entry point:  
    a)  Lined (standard)
    b)  Water-cooled –– maintenance-free/wear-resistant (option)
  2. Boiler cover:  
    a)  Without boiler cover / round insulation (standard)
      b)  Walk-on boiler cover prepared for platform mounting (option)
  3. Modular operating platform (option –– only in conjunction with walk-on boiler cover)
  4. Boiler support:  
    a)  Cross plates (standard < 14t boiler weight)  
    b)  Cross plates with longitudinal I-beams (option < 14t boiler weight / standard > 14t boiler weight  
    c)  Full I-beam version (option)
  5. Flue gas collector with outlet to the rear: Round version (standard)
  6.   Integral heat exchanger and flue gas collector:  
    a) Integrated heat exchanger with flue gas collector and outlet to the rear (option)  
    b) Integral heat exchanger with flue gas collector and outlet to the top (option)  
    c) Flue gas collectors with outlet to the left or right are also an option
  7. Front reversing chamber with superheater module (option)
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