Vitoair FS

Central mechanical ventilation system

Central mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery and humidity control.

Air flow rate: 300 m³/h
Heat recovery up to 80 %
Optimum indoor air quality thanks to heat exchanger
Intuitive operation via app

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Low energy costs

through high heat recovery

Low electricity costs

due to low power consumption

Requires little space

e.g. in a suspended ceiling

Thermal comfort

and healthy room climate

Balanced humidity management

prevents mould growth and damage to the building

More security against burglary

and protection from noise due to closed windows

Filtration of the outdoor air

important for allergy sufferers

System control via ViCare app

(remote control optional)

Viessmann One Base

Compatible with Viessmann One Base

Connector arrangement for the air distribution system

available as right-hand or left-hand version

Condensate drain

No condensate drain required

Straightforward commissioning and online monitoring

by the trade partner

Vitoair FS mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery and humidity control

The Vitoair FS central mechanical ventilation system ensures a healthy room climate and pleasant temperatures throughout the house.

The increasing climate fluctuations of our time often have an impact on health. This makes reliable ventilation of your own four walls all the more important. The new Viessmann Vitoair FS mechanical ventilation system is the ideal solution.

The special features of the Vitoair FS

Compact, quiet and powerful

With its low installed height of 245 millimetres and a maximum air flow rate of 300 m³/h, Vitoair FS is not only especially slimline but also compact. It also features particularly quiet operation at high output.

Optimum indoor air quality thanks to heat exchanger

The special polymer membranes of the recuperative enthalpy heat exchanger in the Vitoair FS not only recover heat, but also moisture. This helps keep indoor air pleasant and contributes to a sense of wellbeing.
The water vapour molecules contained in the extract air diffuse through the membrane and are absorbed by the outdoor air on the supply air side. This reduces the amount of indoor air that is too dry or too humid. The fact that the polymer membrane also prevents the transmission of viruses, mould and bacteria makes Vitoair FS a hygienically perfect solution.

Straightforward installation and commissioning

There are a number of installation options: below the ceiling, on the wall or horizontally in the attic. The connector arrangement can be adapted to the respective conditions. No condensate drain is required. They also provide the option of enabling trade partners to monitor the system remotely and rectify faults either immediately online or by means of a quick service call.

Control options

Vitoair FS 4-stage button with filter change indicator

Product details

Air flow rate

300 m³/h

Energy efficiency class

according to Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 1254/2014:
Manual control: A, time control: A, central demand control: A

Heat recovery

80 %

Application area

Detached house, living space up to 280 m² | new build

Installation type

Ceiling installation, wall installation, horizontal installation

Additional features

Vitoair FS is compatible with Viessmann One Base and can be seamlessly combined with Viessmann Vitodens gas condensing boilers or Vitocal heat pumps. The addition of a Vitovolt photovoltaic system and a Vitocharge VX3 power storage unit for self-generated power is also possible at any time.

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