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Vitocal 161-A

DHW heat pump

The Viessmann Electric Integrated Heat Pump hot water system delivers a comprehensive solution for all your residential hot water needs.

Heating Capacity - 2.78kW (plus 1.8kW Back-Up Element)
Cylinder capacity: 200L & 270L
Quick heat-up function
Easy commissioning

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Innovative touch screen color control system


Dedicated end user mobile app


Multiple operating modes

Integrated Timer

WIFI timer function to optimise running costs


R290 refrigerant with an extremely low global warming potential


Available in 200L and 270L sizes to suit your hot water needs


Can be installed anywhere in Australia with ambient air conditions ranging from -7º to 43ºC


5-year cylinder warranty and 3 years compressor warranty


Inbuilt electric element for a reliable supply of hot water


Quiet operation due to design

Independently of any other heating equipment, the Vitocal 161-A DHW heat pump heats domestic hot water, inexpensively and efficiently, by utilising heat from the room.

Compact Vitocal 161-A heat pump for efficient DHW heating

The compact Vitocal 161‑A heat pump is equipped with all components required for efficient DHW heating. The space efficient casing houses the heat pump module, as well as a 200L/270L DHW cylinder, plus the control unit.

The Vitocal 161‑A utilises indoor air to heat DHW economically. It is as suitable for detached houses as for smaller commercial enterprises.

German brand

As a large-volume German manufacture with many years of experience in residential hot water solutions, we know what’s important to our customers. With our entire product range of products, you can rely on Viessmann product quality. That’s why Viessmann residential electric domestic hot water heat pumps are not only renowned for innovative performance, but also for reliability and longevity too. Thanks to modern construction methods, these products are extremely compact and also been designed to install easily.

Government grants

Federal Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC’s)

These grants are called Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) and are offered based on how sustainable a hot water system is. Your STC rebate value will depend on your installation location, see the map above for your geographic Zone locations.

State Grants


For Victorian consumers there are additional rebates available for replacing inefficient hot water systems with Heat Pumps. Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) are offered for eligible installations on top of the Federal STC grants.

Comparison of sub-models

ModelVitocal 161-A (200L)Vitocal 161-A (270L)
Sizing GuideUp to 4 peopleUp to 6 people
Diameter (mm)690690
Height (mm)16001830
Empty Weight (kg)118136
Ingress ProtectionIPX4IPX4
Storage Volume200 L270 L
Noise Level46 dB(A)46 dB(A)
Ambient Operating Temperatures-7 °C to 43 °C-7 °C to 43 °C
Hot and Cold Water Connections¾” RP¾” RP
PTR Valve Connection¾” RP¾” RP
PTR Setting850 kPa / 46 kW850 kPa / 46 kW
Max Water Supply Pressure Without ECV800 kPa800 kPa
Electrical Element1.8 kW1.8 kW
Power Input0.685 kW0.685 kW
Heating Capacity2.78 kW2.78 kW
COP (A 20/15, W 15-55)4.154.15
Power Supply220V - 240V AC / 50Hz  220V - 240V AC / 50Hz
Max Current10 Amps (15 Amp plug fitted)10 Amps (15 Amp plug fitted)
Refrigerant Type / MassR290 / 380gR290 / 380g
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