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Viessmann One Base

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Enjoy extra convenience, efficiency and sustainability in your home with Viessmann One Base.

Integrate all Viessmann systems and your Smart Home solutions in the new platform

Viessmann One Base gives you an easy, reliable and quick way to operate your entire energy system via app. The new platform bundles your devices and electronic applications into one single climate and energy solution for your home. You consume less energy, reduce your carbon footprint and stay on top of your costs at all times. Get your home in shape for a green future with Viessmann One Base!

You only need one system: Viessmann One Base

The platform integrates any smart home solutions already in use, seamlessly and wirelessly. And you can easily add further services and devices as required, such as a new Wallbox for charging your electric car. Would you like to use power and heat even more sustainably and become part of the ViShare Energy Community*? Viessmann One Base is compatible with all additional digital services. You can simply use voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control the services and devices integrated into the platform. With Viessmann One Base, you are equipping your home with an extendible, futureproof energy system that offers you long term prospects.

* The operator and contractual partner in the ViShare Energy Community is Energy Market Solutions GmbH (EMS), a subsidiary of the Viessmann Group.

Always in the best of hands

Viessmann One Base is operated quickly and easily with the ViCare app

All you need is the ViCare app – the integrated Viessmann Energy Management does the rest. The app allows you to operate Viessmann One Base quickly and easily. Your contractor can also keep a remote eye on your system and address possible faults immediately by electronic means. You no longer have to arrange a time for your contractor to call and unnecessary travel is also eliminated. Leave your contractor to look after your system.

The energy cockpit

The ViCare app's energy cockpit and analysis tool

With the energy cockpit in the ViCare app, you can keep track of all the energy flows in your home. The analysis shows current and past levels of self-sufficiency and on-site consumption in the household.

Viessmann One Base – your benefits at a glance

  • Convenience: you control your heating system via app and can connect the devices and services that you wish to use, such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and many more.
  • Efficiency: the platform links up and optimises energy flows for especially efficient and therefore cost effective operation.
  • Reassurance: your heating contractor is automatically notified of any faults and can take corrective action before the situation gets out of hand.
  • Sustainability: long term integration of all required digital services, upgrades and product expansions, such as photovoltaics with a power storage unit and a Wallbox for e-mobility.

The following video shows how One Base takes your climate solution to a new level of efficiency, using the new Vitocal as an example:  

ViCare thermostatic radiator valves

ViCare thermostatic radiator valves

ViCare thermostatic radiator valves enable straightforward control of individual rooms via app or voice command, e.g. using Amazon Alexa.

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