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Vitoair Air distribution system

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Vitoair Air distribution system

For central mechanical ventilation

The Vitoair click & go air distribution system for central mechanical ventilation systems is exceptionally straightforward and safe to install. All components follow a standardised, flow optimised design concept.

Click & go assembly
Integrated viewing window
Easy to cut to length
Flexible solutions

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Click & go assembly

Fast and secure due to integrated gaskets and fixing brackets

Integrated viewing window

For visible fault-free connections

Easy to cut to length

Thanks to printed cut markings on the ducts

Flexible solutions

For new build and modernisation projects

Fully compatible round and flat ducts

As well as other system components

Simple planning

With Vitoair Planner

Extremely flexible ventilation ducts

For easy creation of tight bending radii

The Viessmann Vitoair Click-and-Go system was awarded the iF Designaward 2022.

Vitoair Air distribution system for central mechanical ventilation systems

Visual check of secure connections

The profiles come with their gaskets already in place, eliminating the time-consuming process of fitting them. Fixing brackets made of stainless spring steel on the profiles ensure the ventilation duct is securely held. Small parts such as gaskets and fixing materials do not end up lost or forgotten. In addition, trade partners benefit from considerable time savings thanks to the innovative solution from Viessmann.

All profiles have a viewing window. As the gasket stands out clearly from the profile and air duct by its colour, a defective connection can be easily spotted. You can tell that the connection is secure when the gasket has disappeared entirely into the profile and can no longer be seen.


Available as round or flat ducts

Both the round and flat ducts are extremely flexible. Compared to conventional systems, they can be easily curved in tight bending radii. The smooth antibacterial blue inner wall not only meets the strictest hygiene requirements, but also serves as a distinguishing feature.

The symmetrical 140  x  50  millimetre flat duct allows more air to be transported thanks to its flow-optimised, free air cross-section. It is suitable for installation in the floor structure, in the wall or a suspended ceiling, for new build and modernisation projects. The round duct is also suitable for setting in concrete.

Markings on the ducts allow the required length to be determined quickly. Compatibility is assured between the round/flat duct and all of the components in the air distribution network. Viessmann thus offers a wide range of application options and a high degree of flexibility in new build and modernisation projects.

Click & go air distribution system with new robust casings and new compact air distribution boxes

Vitoair Valve valves: design meets functionality

The new Viessmann ventilation valves can be used universally and fit seamlessly into sophisticated living areas. The shallow installation depth of the valve housing allows all standard installation variants.

Simple installation and commissioning

The new Vitoair Valve series is suitable for supply and extract air. Easy accessibility and commissioning are possible without additional tools. The setting is made using a rotary knob, which can be adjusted anticlockwise (supply air flow) or clockwise (extract air flow). Once the correct air volume has been set, the rotary knob can be locked to prevent unintentional adjustment. A suitable exhaust air filter of class ISO coarse 65 % (G4) is available as an option.  

Maximum living comfort thanks to silent air discharge without draughts is another advantage of the innovative ventilation valve. As an option, a so-called outflow limiter can be installed to protect sensitive living areas, which limits the air flow to 240°.

The Viessmann Vitoair Valve was awarded the iF Designaward 2024

Vitoair Valve supply and exhaust air valves adaptable in various looks

In addition to the basic Comfort versions made of UV-resistant plastic, there are other high-quality materials that complement the portfolio.  

The paintable panels or the wood-look versions are made of waterproof laminate (HPL) and are also suitable for damp rooms. The basic body is made of plastic in each of the selectable variants.

The benefits at a glance

Variants in round and square
20mm installation height of the cover, regardless of their air volume setting up to 60 m3/h
No tools required to adjust the air flow
Regulation possible when the valve is installed
10 stages for different valve positions
Individually paintable panels, wood-effect and textile variants
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