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The first steps with your new Viessmann heating system

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When you buy a Viessmann heating system, you have chosen a high quality product that is factory designed for economical operation. You are also helping to protect the environment. This is because Viessmann heat generators work extremely efficiently, thus conserving fossil fuels.

And if it is a wood heating system, the whole heating process is entirely CO₂-neutral. The first steps are particularly important to ensure that a Viessmann heating system is operated safely, reliably and as economically as possible. You can read about what to look out for in the following sections.

Familiarise yourself with the functions of your new Viessmann heating system

Every Viessmann heating system contains innovative and complex heating technology. From fuel supply through heat generation to heat dissipation, every process is well thought out and coordinated with the one that follows. At the same time, Viessmann heating systems are easy to operate and understand thanks to intuitively designed controls. When taking those first steps, however, it is still important to have your heating contractor instruct you.


Adapting the heating output to the building

Every building is different. This also applies to the heating practices of the occupants. A new heating system should therefore be suitable for both these aspects as well as have the necessary rated heating output. Viessmann heat generators are available in a wide range of outputs, so they can meet any heating requirement. To maximise the efficiency of your new heater, the factory settings should still be adjusted to your needs. With weather-compensated systems, for example, the heating output of the heat generator can be adapted by adjusting the heating curve. The aim is to consume only as much energy as is necessary, without sacrificing comfort. You set the optimum curve together with your heating contractor. While you're doing so, have them explain the differences between slope and level. Ideally, you can then take over this task yourself in the future. You can read about the process in detail in our guide to setting the heating curve.


Adjust the programs to your needs

Viessmann heat generators are factory equipped with numerous modes that significantly increase operating convenience. Depending on the heat generator, you can activate holiday mode, party mode and/or reduced mode in just a few simple steps. As the name suggests, these default settings are intended for the respective occasions. The individual modes can also be adjusted and thus provide the optimal basis for individual matching. Here too, have your heating contractor show you how to do this step by step or refer to the operating instructions provided with your system.

Connect your heating system to the internet

Most Viessmann heat generators are factory-prepared for control via the internet, provided they have the Vitotronic control unit. All you need is a communication module and the appropriate app for your smartphone or tablet. For the majority of gas and oil boilers installed since 2004 (heat pumps from 2010 and solid fuel boilers from 2016), the combination of Viessmann Vitoconnect as an interface and the ViCare app as an application program is recommended. For more complex systems, the Vitocom in conjunction with the Vitotrol app is the device of choice. Both interfaces –– Vitoconnect and Vitocom –– are available as options and can be installed quickly. The two application programs –– ViCare and Vitotrol –– are available for both Android and iOS devices. They can be downloaded free of charge from the corresponding app stores:

Controlling the new Viessmann heating system with your smartphone

If you have equipped your new Viessmann heating system with one of the two interfaces, then all you need to do is download the appropriate app. After installation on your device of choice (smartphone or tablet), you can connect the app to your new Viessmann heating system in just a few steps. You can see all the important information about your system at a glance and can activate the mode you want (normal mode, party mode, etc.) with a single tap of the screen –– from anywhere. Another advantage is that you can grant your heating contractor access to your heat generator. This way, the contractor can react as quickly as possible to any problems that may arise.

Think about maintenance now

It's advisable to start thinking about maintenance straight after commissioning a new heating system. This will ensure that the newly installed heating system will continue to work reliably and economically in the years to come. We recommend asking your heating contractor if they also offer a maintenance service. If so, you can arrange an individual maintenance contract with them that only includes the services that you have previously specified. You can read about what you need to consider when arranging such a contract, as well as about maintenance in general, in our guide to heating system maintenance.

Solar thermal system, fuel supply and other tips

In addition to the traditional heat generators, Viessmann's comprehensive range also includes systems with which you can utilise free energy from the sun and supplement your heating system in a useful way. A solar thermal system is perfect for heating hot water. This relieves the load on your new heating system and the environment at the same time. Ask your heating contractor whether adding such a system makes sense for you.

After installing a modern heating system, you should also give prompt consideration to ensuring a sufficient supply of fuel, if your new heating system uses combustion technology. You should ensure you are well-stocked with fuel before the start of each heating season. Spring is the recommended time for reordering fuel. This is because demand has usually fallen by then and in an ideal scenario, the price will have too.

The key steps in a nutshell

  • Have us show you the functions of your new heating system
  • Working together with your heating contractor, adjust the heating output to your needs
  • Connect your new Viessmann heating system to the internet and increase operating convenience and safety
  • Already start thinking about maintenance and, if necessary, consider adding a solar thermal system

Tips: more useful articles on the subject of heating, reducing heating costs and operating convenience can be found in our Viessmann heating guide.

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