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Value added services – our services with added value for users and partners

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From a specialist in heating technology to a provider of comprehensive solutions –– Viessmann's product range is constantly evolving. Progress is quite simply in our DNA. Innovative products and systems form the cornerstone, but what creates the real added value –– both for owners of Viessmann energy systems and for our partner companies –– is seamless connection complemented by additional services. This opens up new possibilities in many respects. It smooths the way to efficient and sustainable energy use for end customers, and allows Viessmann partners to concentrate more on their core business.   

Our formula for more day to day efficiency

The potential for efficient energy systems in the building sector is significant. By increasingly integrating renewable energy sources, homeowners can significantly reduce CO2 emissions and save on running costs at the same time. Viessmann supports this with innovative technologies and corresponding services. 

For Viessmann partners: create more time for your core business

Technological advances bring with them increased time and effort for heating contractors. Consultation, planning, maintenance – there is a huge variety of tasks involved. Viessmann supports partner companies in their day to day business with well thought-out services. This leaves more time for core activities. 

Viessmann heating system calculator: your digital assistant for customer acquisition

Advances in digitisation influence the relationship between customers and contractors. Whereas consultation used to take place in person, more and more prospective customers are searching online for a company in their vicinity and getting a free quote in advance. This is where the Viessmann heating system calculator comes in. The software is integrated directly on your website and ensures that potential customers can reach you at any time –– even outside business hours. Taking the calculation data that you can pre-program and the details of the interested party, a non-binding, professional quote is automatically generated when the enquiry is made. You can then customise this during the subsequent consultation on site. The calculation data is in your hands. You can update it depending on the order situation and establish the basis for optimal utilisation of the capacities at your disposal.  

That's not all –– the heating system calculator does even more than allow you to reach customers via your own website. We also refer verified prospective buyers to you who have previously requested expert advice via our heizung.de and viessmann.de portals. This increases your reach without any additional effort on your part. Incidentally, you can manage enquiries and follow-up orders particularly easily via the central Viessmann portal ViContact. Our experts provide support with the technical integration of the heating system calculator. If required, they can also help with search engine optimisation to strengthen your online presence.    

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