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Ventilation systems for new residential buildings and existing buildings

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Controlled mechanical ventilation not only ensures consistently high indoor air quality in new and existing buildings. It also contributes to keeping your health and the fabric of the building in good working order. This is because ventilation systems expel excess moisture to the outside, which prevents the formation of harmful mould. In addition to unpleasant odours, pathogens can also be transported out through the constant air exchange. This is a particularly useful aspect during the colds and flu season. In addition, ventilation systems ensure sufficient and clean fresh air in the living space. And thanks to the integrated filters, dust and pollen stay outside. The latter is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers. A further advantage: since the windows do not have to be opened to ventilate the rooms, noise from outside is less noticeable and heat is not lost. This helps to save energy.  

Benefits of controlled mechanical ventilation at a glance:

  • Prevents the formation of mould
  • Removes odours and pathogens
  • Ensures high air quality in ventilated rooms
  • Keeps dust and pollen out
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Saves energy through efficient use of heat

Ventilation and heat generator as a system solution

Vitovent 300-W central ventilation system with Vitocal 300-G heat pump and Vitocharge VX3 power storage unit

If cool outdoor air is allowed into a room when a window is opened, the heating system has to work harder. This is inefficient from an energy point of view and increases heating costs. Ventilation systems with heat recovery extract heat from the warmer extract air and transfer it to the incoming fresh air. This significantly reduces the ventilation heat demand. Ventilating and heating living spaces are therefore closely linked. Viessmann takes this into account in the Vitovent product range: on the one hand with built-in heat exchangers for heat recovery, and on the other hand through the possibility of creating efficient system solutions. For example, the Vitovent 300-W ventilation system can be combined with a Vitocal heat pump. The system is conveniently controlled via smartphone using the ViCare app. The energy management function available via the app makes it possible to track energy flows in the house in real time in order to reveal and make use of potential savings.     

If you would like to find out more about Viessmann ventilation systems before consulting our partners, we recommend looking at the product catalogue.  It allows you to simply narrow down the product range according to application area. Searching in the Viessmann product finder gives you even more detailed results.

Central ventilation of residential buildings

Vitovent 300-W central mechanical ventilation system

The need for an air distribution system makes the effort involved in planning and installing a central mechanical ventilation system greater. However, it is particularly worthwhile for new buildings and for the complete renovation of existing buildings:

  • Convenient ventilation of all rooms in detached houses and apartment buildings
  • High efficiency through heat recovery from the extract air
  • Compact units for wall or ceiling installation in small houses
  • Natural cooling via automatic summer bypass
  • Compensation for filter contamination through constant flow rate maintenance 
  • Combination with heat pump and control via app possible (Vitovent 300-W) 

Decentralised ventilation of residential buildings

Vitovent 100-D decentralised mechanical ventilation unit

For the installation of a decentralised mechanical ventilation system, only core drilling through the external wall is necessary. As a result, it also offers versatile application possibilities at a later date. Further benefits for homeowners are:    

  • Flexible ventilation of individual rooms
  • High efficiency through heat recovery from the extract air
  • Several units can be used independently of each other
  • Comparatively inexpensive installation
  • Easy cleaning and filter change
  • Passive cooling via supply air function
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