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Unite to act for our climate –– together we can achieve the energy transition at home

We want to work with you and our trade partners to drive the energy transition forward and help you make your own switch to renewable energies. Find out how you can benefit from the unlimited energy of the sun and the free energy of the environment, and how innovative solutions are making it easier for you to switch to renewable energies. We also present other projects that have already successfully made the transition and are reaping the benefits.

Tips for making the most of your switch to renewable energies

Read our guides to find out which heating systems can help you make the transition. You will find helpful information on the benefits and opportunities of switching to renewable energies –– including tips on purchasing, subsidies and the best use of different heating systems.

With Viessmann solutions for your own energy transition

Switching to a more sustainable energy system is now easier than ever for homeowners. With a wide range of innovative technologies and solutions from Viessmann, you can actively contribute to the energy transition and reduce your energy costs at the same time. The intelligent networking of Viessmann components enables us to create a holistic solution for you that makes the transition to renewable energies in your home as simple and efficient as possible.

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