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Intelligent technologies and services

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Viessmann Vitodens 050-W – control with the ViCare app

Use energy efficiently and increase comfort at the same time. Intelligent technologies from Viessmann enable just that. They seamlessly link products, digital services and the energy management systems they contain, even beyond the company's own product range. This makes Viessmann a provider of smart solutions for end consumers and partners alike, making everyday life easier and at the same time helping to identify and take advantage of potential savings. These are key points for achieving our goal: shaping living spaces for future generations.

Integrating the heating system into the Smart Home

The intelligent networking of building services has many advantages. Automated processes and control via smartphone or tablet mean a significant increase in convenience. The Smart Home also offers energy savings potential. That potential is particularly high when it comes to heating technology. This is because a significant proportion of a household's energy consumption is for the generation of heat. Modern heating systems from Viessmann are designed for use in the Smart Home. They can be controlled via app, set to energy-saving modes and keep residents and tradespeople informed of the technical status.

Viessmann apps for users and partners  

Gone are the days when the room temperature needed to be set at the thermostatic radiator valve. With Viessmann apps, the entire heating system can be controlled independently of the current location, whether a domestic system in the home, or something more complex. And it's not only system owners who can benefit from applications like ViCare. Viessmann has also developed intelligent apps for partners that make everyday work easier. The ViGuide app, for example, allows certain parameters to be maintained and adjusted remotely, eliminating the need for time-consuming on-site appointments.

The basis for connecting a system is the integrated WLAN interface "Connectivity Inside". This enables control via app even without a WLAN connection. The interface is already included in all new devices when they leave the factory. An upgrade is possible for older systems. From year of manufacture 2004, these can be connected via the Vitoconnect communication module.

Solutions for Smart Home Developers

The Viessmann API (Application Programming Interface) enables end users and businesses from different industries to access a wide range of Viessmann heating system data in order to develop their own smart home solutions or integrate them into 3rd party applications. 

With our API developers can create solutions that increase their comfort and wellbeing while helping to create the living spaces of the future. Making this data available to our customers and partners reinforces Viessmann’s motto of “co-creation”.

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