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Renewable energy –– suitable solutions for the housing industry

When it comes to supplying new housing developments, existing residential complexes or entire modernised town centres with heating energy and DHW, the focus is shifting away from individual heating systems and increasingly towards local heating networks with heating centres. Furthermore, fossil fuels will play an increasingly minor role in the future. The reasons are manifold. For example, conventional fuels such as fuel oil and natural gas are subject to greater price fluctuations than solid biomass or biogas.

The technical solutions for using renewable energies offer many options for modernising the housing stock cost effectively in accordance with subsidy criteria and climate protection requirements. Technologies using environmental energies and renewable biomass can be easily combined with complementary fossil fuel-based heat generators to form hybrid systems.

Biomass: Wood is a good alternative

Heating with wood is CO₂ neutral. This means that only as much carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere as the wood absorbed while it was growing. Graphic of the CO2 cycle: Decay of dead wood (left), photosynthesis (centre), combustion of wood fuel (right)

Based on today's energy prices and taking into account the overall investment outlay, a wood heating system is a cost effective alternative. Viessmann wood boilers are highly efficient and economical in their fuel consumption. They are suitable both as the sole heat generator and as a supplement to oil or gas boilers. By installing a wood boiler, spending on oil and gas is reduced significantly so the boiler starts paying for itself almost immediately.  And ultimately, you will contribute towards protecting our climate, as heating with wood is CO2 neutral. This means that only as much carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere as the wood absorbed while it was growing.

Solar thermal

Anyone investing in a new heating system today should design it to include a solar thermal system from the outset. This will allow you to benefit from lower energy consumption and also look forward to lower monthly energy bills. By installing solar collectors, you are demonstrating your commitment to protecting the environment by sustainably lowering CO2 emissions. By choosing Viessmann technology you are opting for a futureproof system in which all components interact optimally. Investing in solar technology also increases the value of your property.

With the innovative ThermProtect automatic shutdown function, Viessmann offers long term protection for its flat-plate and tube collectors like no other. Thanks to ThermProtect, large collector areas can also be realised without having to take stagnation into consideration during system engineering. Viessmann's technology causes the collectors to shut down when a set temperature limit is reached. The temperature-dependent shutdown functions completely independently of collector system configuration, control unit settings and installation position. The thermal loads on system components and the heat transfer medium always stay within their normal range. This increases service life and operational reliability, compared to conventional solar thermal systems.

Even when it comes to environmental compatibility, with Viessmann solar thermal systems, you'll be on the sunny side of the street: On average, in a detached house alone about three quarters of a tonne less carbon dioxide (CO₂) is produced each year. Viessmann flat-plate and tube collectors are distinguished by their high operational reliability and long service life. Vitosol solar collectors are made from corrosion and UV-resistant materials. This is most impressively verified by quality tests according to the EN  12975 test standard or ISO  9801. This at the same time confirm the consistently high thermal output.

Environmental heat

Heat pumps utilise renewable energy from the ground, sun, groundwater, waste water or air. They lower consumption of fossil fuels, conserve valuable resources and reduce CO2 emissions that damage the environment. Viessmann heat pumps offer an additional benefit to users – many of them feature active and natural cooling functions. Alongside their classic application as heat generators on cold days, they can also create a pleasant room climate in summer by bringing refreshing cool air into the house.

Product details

Heat from the air
Heat from the air (with outdoor unit)
Heat from the ground, the air and the sun (ice store system)
Heat from groundwater
Heat from the ground (probe)
Energy from the ground (collector)

Viessmann's extensive product range offers the right heat pump to suit every demand. Even at the design stage, structural and geological conditions, as well as personal and individual preferences concerning the heat demand can be taken into account. Running a heat pump with power generated on site by a photovoltaic system is particularly environmentally responsible and very affordable. Viessmann heat pumps can be used in new build and modernisation projects, operated together with solar thermal systems and even combined with an existing oil or gas heating system to form a multi mode system. This allows every building and property owner to put their plans into action in the most efficient way possible.

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