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Independent with Viessmann solutions

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Futureproof and independent - thanks to solutions from Viessmann

In times of rising oil and gas prices, it is all the more important to become self-sufficient and independent of fossil fuels when it comes to your own energy supply. Viessmann system solutions offer a whole range of alternatives for heating without gas and oil. Because Viessmann takes its social responsibility seriously. How are we doing this? We are driving the change towards renewable energy sources - in response to the challenges and developments of our time. The following sections provide you with an overview of suitable systems. In addition, you can find detailed information on topics such as heating technology, energy saving and modernisation in our guidebooks.

Daring to be more independent - Which heating systems are the right ones now?

The challenges of our time require all the know-how and experience of our over 100-year-old family business. And we have the innovative solutions your household needs to become future-proof and energy self-sufficient. Which of the heating systems shown below is right for you now can be determined quickly and easily using the short checklists.

Vitocal 200-G

Heat pump

  • You have underfloor heating or generously dimensioned heating surfaces.
  • You have a well insulated house.
  • You can drill a borehole on your property or alternatively install an ice storage tank or offer an installation site for an air source heat pump.
  • You have space for a buffer storage tank with a capacity of up to 1,000 litres.
  • You want to be independent of oil or gas, a higher investment does not bother you.
  • You want to use the possibility of "natural cooling" in summer.

Power-generating heating

  • You heat with gas or have a gas connection.
  • You already want to generate heat and electricity with state-of-the-art technology.
  • You want to become less dependent on rising electricity prices.
  • You want to heat more economically and save up to 40 percent on energy costs.
  • You want to store the electricity you generate yourself for later use and thus become less dependent on the public grid.
  • You want to protect the climate through lower CO₂ emissions.
  • You want to secure state subsidies of up to 11,200 euros.

Solar thermal systems

  • You live in a detached house or terraced house with an unshaded roof surface facing south, west or east.
  • You want to use free energy from the sun to heat water and support your heating system.
  • In a single-family home, solar energy covers up to 60 percent of the energy needed to heat domestic hot water.
  • You signal your responsible action for the environment by sustainably reducing CO₂ emissions.

Photovoltaic systems

  • You live in a detached or terraced house with an unshaded roof area facing south, west or east.
  • You want to produce your own electricity for your own use - solar electricity can already be produced much more cheaply today than the purchase costs for household electricity - or feed it into the public grid.
  • You want to store the electricity you generate yourself for later use, thereby making yourself less dependent on the public grid.
  • You want to make a visible contribution to environmental protection; photovoltaic systems reduce pollution and conserve natural resources.
  • You want to increase the attractiveness of your property and raise its value.

Wood heating / pellet heating

  • You have a storage room available.
  • You have space for a buffer storage tank with a capacity of up to 1,000 litres.
  • You want to be independent of oil or gas, and a higher investment does not bother you.

Heating modernisation brings the highest savings

On average, heating systems in Germany are about 17 years old. This means that in many cases the technology used is outdated and does not make optimal use of the fuels supplied. This causes heat losses and drives up heating costs. The development of gas and oil prices does the rest to make an aging heating system a real cost factor. In addition, there are legal regulations, for example the obligation to replace oil heating systems, which make heating system modernisation necessary. After all, modernisation not only brings lower heating costs, but also more independence, more sustainability and more comfort. If you are also wondering: Why is modernisation worthwhile right now? you will find helpful answers in the guide " Renewing your heating system is worthwhile".

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Inform and plan with our heating guides

Whether it's advice on the latest heating technology available or tips and tricks for saving energy in your own four walls: the right planning is the first step in any change to your own energy supply. The best way to do this is with comprehensive information. In our heating guides you will find further information on the most important heating systems that are now being considered - whether heat pumps, photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, or future-proof hybrid solutions: Click through the topics listed there to learn more.

Saving energy - many ways to heat more efficiently.

Switching to a new heating system can reduce energy consumption by a third. In addition, there are many energy-saving measures that increase the efficiency of one's energy supply and can be implemented economically. For example: adjust the heating curves and save energy. Hydraulic balancing also reduces heating costs. If you already have a well running heating system, you will find many ways to optimise the current operation and make the necessary settings for efficient and economical heating in our articles on energy saving.

Quick and easy to more self-sufficiency: rent a heating system instead of buying one.

The conventional way of modernising your heating system can be costly. However, there is the option of renting a suitable heating system instead of buying it. Viessmann Wärme offers a comprehensive service for this, making 'heating contracting' safe and simple. Among other things, you benefit from a full fifteen-year guarantee for the heat generator you rent.


State heating subsidy for Viessmann systems

Reducing CO2 emissions caused by outdated heating technology - this is part of the German government's climate protection programme. State subsidy programmes support the purchase and installation of energy-saving, environmentally friendly heating systems. As an industry-leading company in the field of heating and air-conditioning solutions, we have made it our mission to drive the change towards regenerative energy sources. That is why our efficient and future-proof heating systems are eligible for subsidies. From heat pumps and electricity storage systems to photovoltaics and fuel cells - join us in driving the change and take advantage of the government's subsidy programmes when you purchase a Viessmann system. Find out more now.

ViCare - Smart Home solutions for a digital world

Thanks to Smart Home, your home becomes an energy-saving system solution. Thanks to its intelligent control, the ViCare app and its components give you full control over room temperatures, thermostat settings and your own energy consumption - even without a Viessmann heating system. Combine the enjoyment of perfect heat with personal comfort and the requirements of the energy transition. Find out now.

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