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What to do in the event of a fault? – When the Viessmann heating system displays a fault

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The Viessmann heating system does its job almost unnoticed. It is only noticed when faults occur and rooms remain cold. If a fault occurs with a Viessmann heating system, it will display a fault message. In the following, we will explain how best to proceed in case of such a message and what must be observed.

What to do in the event of a fault message

Basically: if something goes wrong with your Viessmann heating, there is a fault in the heating system. This can be a defect or a malfunction. In any case, it should not be ignored. In the worst case, it can have serious and costly consequences. This makes it all the more important to address certain points when your Viessmann heating system indicates a fault.

How is the fault message displayed?

There is no general answer to this question. This is because the Viessmann products display faults differently. Product-specific information can always be found in the operating instructions for the system user. You can download these easily and securely as PDFs via our ViBooks database.

Responding appropriately to a fault message

The basic rule is: stay calm. If a fault is displayed, first consult the operating instructions for your heating system. There you will find detailed instructions on how to proceed. In most cases, you can call up the specific fault code. Make a note of it. It is important for the installer whom you should contact in the event of a fault with the Viessmann heating system. It is also advisable to have the serial number to hand. You can find this e.g. on the type plate of the heating system. Our guide explains in detail how to find the right installer.  

The more information you have to hand, the easier it is for one of our trade partners to help you.

Alternatively: the Viessmann Community

Another option for accessing relevant information in the event of a fault is the Viessmann Community. There you can search for your problem using the fault code and serial number or post a question describing your problem.

Step-by-step guide

If your Viessmann heating system indicates a fault, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Look up the type of fault.
  2. Note the fault code and serial number.
  3. Notify the contractor.

Repairing your Viessmann heating system

Once you have noted down all the important information, pass it on to the installer. If you have not yet found a suitable heating contractor in your area for repairs and maintenance, simply search for one using our search tool for local trade partners.

Incorrect repairs carried out by the owner can sometimes result in serious material damage. Therefore, only qualified and authorised specialist personnel should rectify a fault on the Viessmann heating system. This also ensures that original components are used and that the system will continue to operate smoothly in the future.

Contact the heating contractor directly with the ViCare app

The Viessmann ViCare app ensures greater safety and convenience – even in the event of a fault message. A traffic light system indicates whether your Viessmann heating system is working properly or not. When green, everything is OK. When yellow, a service is still pending. Red indicates an error or fault in the heating system. In this case, a fault message will also be displayed. A big plus of this app: if a fault occurs, the installer is automatically notified. Condition: you have granted a service clearance. This is easily done with just two clicks. The installer can then view the system data and respond immediately if there is a fault with the Viessmann heating system.

Most Viessmann gas and oil heating systems installed since 2004, as well as heat pumps from 2010 and solid fuel heating systems from 2016 can be controlled affordably, easily and quickly with ViCare.


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