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FAQ about the ViCare app

Download the ViCare app
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How does the ViCare app work? What does it allow me to do and what functions does it have? How do I install the app correctly? You can find the answers below, together with useful information on the most frequently asked questions about the ViCare app.

Installing and registering

Follow the steps below to connect the Viessmann heating system to the ViCare app:

  1. Download the ViCare app (iOS or Android).
  2. Follow the instructions in the ViCare app.

To register, create a user account in the app under the item "Create new account". To set up your account, you will need to provide the following information:

  • First name and surname  
  • Address  
  • Telephone

You must also give the location of your heating system if it differs from your address. This information helps the contractor find your exact address after the service clearance. Finally, you should accept the privacy policy and terms of use to complete the process. You have now configured the ViCare app.

You can download the ViCare app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Observe the minimum requirements for your operating system.

ViCare is a native app, i.e. developed for a mobile operating system. A PC version is currently not available.

The Vitoconnect module can be easily registered via plug & play. All you need to do is scan the provided QR code with your smartphone. When you do this, make sure the heating system's Vitoconnect and Vitotronic control unit are connected to power and the internet using the cable supplied. Scanning the code connects the Vitoconnect to your account in the ViCare app. To do this, you must download the app and create a user account there.

Simply download the ViCare app to your new device. Then log in with your email address and password. You do not need to create a new account or re-configure the app. Once you have logged in, you can continue to use the services of the ViCare app.

For safety, the Vitoconnect is permanently connected to the control unit of the corresponding heating system. Before you buy a new Viessmann heating system, the Vitoconnect must be reset. To do this, send an email to the following address:  td@viessmann.com This should be done from the address with which you registered your Vitoconnect. Then install the Vitoconnect and connect it to the new heating system.

The QR code is also attached to the Vitoconnect enclosure, directly on the circuit board. Disconnect the power and USB cables from the Vitoconnect and take off the enclosure cover. The best way to do this is to pull the enclosure towards you at the bottom and then lift it off. For detailed information, see step 1 in the PDF file "Commissioning".

Basically, the operating system, i.e. the ViCare app, reports when and which updates are available. You must confirm this notification then download and install the updates. With the appropriate setting on your smartphone, updates can be downloaded automatically.

Any available extensions will be installed with the app updates. You should therefore always keep the app up to date. After each update, a notification will tell you what is new and what has changed.

Download the ViCare app

Make your heating smart with ViCare. Enjoy perfect warmth and the reassurance that comes with knowing what's going on.


  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection from your internet service provider.
  • If you have recently changed your provider and/or router, reset the connection.
  • Check the signal strength in the ViCare app (Settings -> Devices -> Communication module)
  • If you have an older generation Viessmann heating appliance with the external Vitoconnect communication module, try to position it somewhere with a stronger signal. If you need to pair the devices again, scroll down to the section "Vitoconnect pairing"
  • In the "Notifications" area in ViCare, you can check whether Viessmann is currently performing maintenance work or whether the system is being restored after a temporary outage.
  • If these tips do not help or the signal strength is very low, restart your communication module. You can carry out the restart via Settings > Devices > Communication module.
  • If the router is located some distance from your heating system, it is possible to install a WiFi signal booster in your home
  • If you have individual room control, installing a ViCare repeater may improve communications between the devices.

To reconnect the app to the Vitoconnect, following these steps:

  1. First, press the reset button on the Vitoconnect for a few seconds.
  2. Update your WiFi settings in the ViCare app: Settings > Devices > Communication module > Network settings
  3. The app prompts for the serial number. The easiest way to enter this is to scan the QR code enclosed with your Vitoconnect.
  4. The application is now ready for use.

If these steps do not solve your connection problems, read further articles in our FAQ or contact the Viessmann Community for further support.

Operation and function

You can find all information on the functions and on operating the ViCare app on the  ViCare app page  or at your local Viessmann trade partner.

In addition to the heating circuit temperatures, you can view the DHW and outside temperatures. All available information is presented in a clear tile view. The heating modes are also indicated.

The time program is shown as a calendar with a clock and when you are at home, a house symbol is displayed.

For more information, visit the  Viessmann ViCare app page.

You can set both Comfort and Party mode using the ViCare app. This lets you conveniently balance demand and performance. You can set these options with both Android and iOS devices.

Economy mode can only be set if your heating system control unit supports this function. Otherwise, you cannot make these settings via the app.

Error messages and faults

If the ViCare app will not connect to the heating system, check if there is an internet connection.

Fully close the app. If you have an Apple product, double-press the Home button and swipe the app upwards to close it. Then restart the app. The ViCare app should now work again. To be on the safe side, also check the  App Store  or  Play Store for updates to ViCare. Also make sure that your operating system meets the minimum requirements. Specifically, this means iOS 10.3 or Android 4.4 upwards.

If the faults recur in the app itself, contact  vicare-service@viessmann.com. If the faults occur in the heating system, contact a Viessmann trade partner or your trusted heating contractor.

The ViCare app only displays the outside temperature if the heating controller has this function. This means that the outside temperature is only available if the heating system is weather-compensated and equipped with an outside temperature sensor.

Currently, the ViCare app does not support flow temperature indication.

To find the boiler water temperature, go to the "Settings" menu point, scroll down to "Devices" and tap "Boiler". The boiler water temperature is indicated for all oil and gas heating systems.

On the start screen of the ViCare app, there is a "Forgot password" function. Enter the email address you registered with. You will then receive an email with which you can assign a new password.

Check the position of your router and check all connection cables.  

If both of these are okay, install a WiFi repeater to amplify your WiFi signal. This should give you a stable connection between your smartphone and the heating system.

The actual temperature is only displayed if the app receives this data from the heating system. For this, the heating control unit must be equipped with the required function. If you have not installed a room thermometer, such as a remote control, there is no data for it and the app displays "--".

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